Convert Blocks Attributes and Texts to Object Data

POWER MAP – Now you can convert all the text and attribute data located near a line or Polyline into GIS data of the line. Rescue data from text and block attributes of the entire dwg and convert them to GIS data (Object Data). Convert your dwg into a GIS data map. This tool can attach to the line any attribute or text that is located near it. You can do it for an entire drawing (or several drawings at one time). Now you have the data attached to the line so you can decide to export your map to any data base, or make any query, analyze, theme map, and whatever you need. It’s a simple application that saves a lot of time, hard work and money.

I love and have special skills in Autodesk Software for Infrastructure Design and GIS like Civil 3D, Map 3D, InfraWorks, NavisWorks, and so on; I love challenges. But I love also music (I play guitar and sing), and loyal to my origins I enjoy a good asado.